social storyA Social Story is an individualized short story that describes socially relevant cues and behavior in a given situation.  It breaks down challenging social situations into understandable steps to help an individual understand appropriate behavior, responses and actions.  It includes answers to questions such as who, what, when, where and why through the use of visuals and written text.  Social Stories are used to teach particular social skills such as identifying important cues, taking another’s point of view, understanding rules, routines, situations, upcoming events or abstract concepts and exceptions to the norm.

One Place for Special Needs has a page of Social Stories and links.

Video Social Stories can also be found on this YouTube Channel.

Reading Books Aloud on an iPad

 audiobookBookshare Books: If your school or your student is a member, the easiest way to read Bookshare books on an iPad is through the Read 2 Go app ($19.99). You can also download the Bookshare book on a computer, convert to a Text file or Word file, and save as a PDF. Once the PDF of the book is created it can be opened in the free iBooks app. The iPad Voiceover accessibility feature can be enabled, and then the iBook PDF will read aloud. (Somewhat cumbersome to get this done, but it is possible).

Library Books: The free Overdrive app allows you to download ebooks and audiobooks from the public library. Audiobook titles are limited, but some of the classics are there (and these are commercially produced, human read books, not synthetic voice).

Commercially Produced: There is a free app for books from (You have to pay for audiobooks – $14.95 per month which earns you credits toward books, or you can pay additionally for more books).  Audiobooks, by Simply Audiobooks, Inc. – $29.95 per month for unlimited streaming of over 11,000 audio books.

Read this article from PadGadget reviewing some of the options.