Accessible YouTube Options

youtubeIf you have students or users who could benefit from simpler access to YouTube videos, or access through switch use,  then you will want to try these alternatives:

Access:Youtube allows for streamlined searching of videos, without all of the clutter from the standard YouTube page.

Youtube XL also offers a simpler interface for video searches and viewing.

Accessible YouTube allows access to single or two-switch users.


Google Chrome Accessibility Toolbox

chromeWe all know that working in the “cloud” can present unique challenges to users who benefit from alternative access and input tools.  Google Chrome has come a long way in addressing some of these challenges with their accessibility features and ad-ons.  Through Chrome extensions and Google apps, user can now access everything from text-to-speech, voice dictation, organizational tools, note taking, keyboarding practice, and more.  Find a comprehensive list of these tools at the Chrome Toolbox.