Switch Accessible Online Activities – Older Students


Looking for switch accessible, or easy-to-access interactive sites for older learners with more complex needs?  Check out these:
SENICT Software’s – Choose from an array of games, activities focused on popular characters from tv and film, music and pop stars, interactive classroom topics, topics from around the world, individual interests and hobbies, and more.
Priory Woods – Switch Accessible Videos and slide show animations.  Check out the left column for more switch accessible activities.
Tar Heel Reader – don’t forget about this switch accessible book site with audio support.  Lots of great nonfiction content.  You can now choose your computer’s built in audio voices when activating speech output.  Take the additional step of having your students write and upload a book!

Find and Access Audio Books for Your Students

audiobookAudio books can be transformative for students who struggle with reading or are not engaged with print text.  Audio books can tap into audio comprehension, increase fluency and provide a bridge to improved reading skills.  Educators Technology and Mobile Learning has curated 10 (mostly free) sites that provide high quality audio books, available to ALL students and ALL readers.  From early childhood and young readers through middle and high school, educators and parents can find titles suited to every child.

Check each one out for your students’ needs.

10 Great Places to Find and Access Audiobooks for Students

My personal favorites:

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