Leveled Reading – Online Options

Have you ever wished for content and reading material that was immediately available at various Lexile or Grade levels?  Articles, fiction and nonfiction that all students could read, but adjusted for their reading ability?  These great sites offer just that! These sites can also make reading more engaging, provide lesson tips and supplemental materials. Access text online or print as needed.  

CommonLit  Fiction and nonfiction broken up by grade (3rd-12th).  Built-in accessibility including font size options and read-aloud tool.  Some texts have Guided Reading Mode, with prompted comprehension questions.

ReadWorks  has a large, high-quality library of non-fiction articles with access to vocabulary lists, assessments, lesson guides and the option to download or print the text. All texts are leveled.  Register to keep everything online, create classes, assign articles, and track progress.

Newsela publishes high-interest news articles daily at five levels of complexity for grades 3-12.  Sign up for free, find articles relevant to your content, and assign to your students.   Students can take quizzes & view their progress.  You can view class wide quiz results (Individual results are available in the PRO version.)

Tween Tribune  also publishes daily news articles available at multiple Lexile levels and 4 different grade level targets.  Sign up for free and access thousands of articles.

Thanks to Jessica Sanders from WhooosReading Blog  @WhooosReading

Assistive Technology Blogs – Great Tips, Tricks and Updates

Where do you go to find current information, tips, ideas and strategies for assistive technology?  There are several terrific blogs to follow with regularly updated information on everything from strategies to products.  Check out this list of notable AT Blogs (Follow them on Twitter also!):




Visual Calendar for Apple Watch

With the growth of wearable technology, such as an Apple Watch, app developers are beginning to work on compatibility.  One area that may be helpful for some students – visual supports.

Children with Autism – A Visual Schedule, can be found in the App Store for $12.99.  Build a schedule within the app, and it tasks can be viewed on an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.  The user will see:

• What is the activity engaged in this moment
• How long the scheduled activity will take
• What tasks to complete
• How much time is left for the scheduled activity
• When to get ready to transition
• When the next scheduled activity will happen
The simple interface, and visuals encourage those with disabilities to independently manage their own time and tasks.

Follow this app and others from the developer Enuma on Twitter – @EnumaApps


Calendars and Schedules with Visual Supports

Choiceworks app iconIndependence is a primary goal for most, if not all students, and adults, with disabilities.  Yet many have difficulty moving beyond their dependence on family, teachers or providers for their schedules, activities, and tasks.  Visual calendars can be an important strategy when building independence.  And, with the explosion of mobile devices, tablets and other accessible technology, powerful schedule and calendar tools, especially apps for smartphones and tablets, have become readily available.  Check out these visual calendars:

ChoiceWorks Calendar – $4.99 for iPhone & iPad
Visual Schedule Planner – $14.99 for iPhone & iPad
Reminder with Voice Reminders – Free for iPhone & iPad (in app purchases)
Routinely – Free for iPhone & iPad
See Time Visual Calendar – $1.99 for iPhone & iPad