AnyBook Reader

A recordable “pen” that allows you to record in your own voice, linked to the stickers, to create talking books or other content.  It’s a simple touch, record, playback process.  AnyBook reader stores up to 15 hours of recordings. This could be an alternative to the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen or Echo.

Any voice.

AnyBook reader doesn’t use a computerized voice. It uses your voice, or your child’s, or another’s. In other words: any voice. This allows you to give the words the inflections you want. Create characters’ voices and personalities, provide emphasis, pronunciation, etc.

Any content.

Books, directions, tests, quizzes, visual schedules, communication icons, reminders, feedback, anything your student needs to have in an auditory format.

Any time.

AnyBook reader is ready whenever students need or want it. It’s portable and allows for multiple types of grasp. Place a removable sticker, record your voice, and it’s ready to use.

$39.99-$59.99 at

AnyBook Reader Video:


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