EquatIO for Digital Math Output

EquatIO screenshot Digital supports for math have been difficult to find and slow to develop, especially those that support students’ ability to write math digitally.  Texthelp has introduced a Chrome extension that provides a tool for this.

EquatIO can be downloaded from the Chrome webstore.

All features are free for 30 days, with some premium features extended with purchase of a license.  Find licensing information at this link to pricing.
Features include:

  • Google Docs Integration
  • Speech Input
  • Handwriting recognition (2 per day with free version)
  • LaTex (math notation/forumlas)
  • Math to Speech (text to speech)
  • Resizing Images
  • Math and Chemistry “Prediction” (Premium feature)
  • Google Forms Integration (Premium feature)
I encourage you to try EquatIO if you have students who would benefit from writing math digitally, and/or is using Google Docs as a platform for work completion.  
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Online Math Manipulatives

OnlineMathManipulativesHI-1024x568We generally understand that manipulatives are a CRITICAL part of our elementary and special education classrooms. They offer students a real, hands-on way to explore a mathematical concept and build their own meaning. Online manipulatives are internet-based math tools that allow for modeling that helps to move students from the concrete to the representational mode of thinking. These math tools are often free resources sponsored by textbook companies and other organizations to generate alternative ways to represent math content. There are SO many ways to use online math manipulatives.

Catherine Reed hosts The Brown Bag Teacher Blog and has published a nice list of online math manipulatives from websites to digital learning tools.  These online tools are very conducive for use in whole or small group instruction, student practice, and home use of digital tools to support learning.

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UDL Tools: YouTube Channels for Science

youtube-channels-for-science graphicVideo supports for content areas such as Science can benefit many students at all grade levels.  Videos can provide alternative content for struggling learners, increase interest and engagement, and provide supplemental content for learners benefiting from extended learning.  Quality videos should be part of all well designed UDL lessons.

Tales From Outside the Classroom has provided a nice list of 9 YouTube channels that can be used in the classroom to support instruction, or linked to your classroom website to provide learning supports for students outside of the classroom.  Check out the list and find videos that can connect your students to Science!

Thanks to Tesser88 and the Tales From Outside the Classroom Blog!

Project Gutenberg – Free Classic eBooks and Audio Books

project gutenberg app iconProject Gutenberg – not your Grandmother’s old, weathered text!  New, upgraded features and options make this long-standing resource worth another look.  Project Gutenberg offers over 50,000 free public-domain ebooks, along with tens of thousands more through partners and affiliates.  Most of the classics are included, providing digital access for diverse learners.  Choose among free epub books for reading on any computer, Chromebook, tablet or iPad/iPhone, or Kindle.  Download them or read them online, with or without images, with or without audio.  Many books, through partner Librivox, are human-read for a significantly improved audio listening experience, or access the Audio Book, Human Read Category.

Access books directly through the Project Gutenberg Website or download an app (Gutenberg Project iPad app or Gutenberg Books Android app).  For more information on book downloads, access the Gutenberg How-To page for mobile devices.  Follow on Twitter @gutenberg_org.