Curiyo – Web Browser Add On

CuriyoCuriyo is free extension — a small piece of software that adds a feature to a browser. Curiyo can be downloaded at It works with all four major browsers on both Windows and Mac: Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox.

Curiyo places a faint dotted line under terms, names and phrases it suspects readers will want to know more about. When you move your cursor over the dotted line, a tiny question mark appears, and when you click on the underlined words, the Curiyo box pops up.

This box presents you with a choice of sources you can use to learn more. They include not only Wikipedia and some dictionary sites, but, when the subject is relevant, news sites like USA Today and the Huffington Post; sports reference sites; an entertainment site; images; YouTube; Twitter; and more.

If Curiyo hasn’t underlined a term you’d like to explore, you can try looking it up anyway, by simply performing a “long click” — clicking for a couple of seconds — on a word. The pop-up box can be moved anywhere on the screen so it doesn’t cover up content.

And – a text reader app or extension will read the text in the Curiyo pop up window out loud!

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