EquatIO for Digital Math Output

EquatIO screenshot Digital supports for math have been difficult to find and slow to develop, especially those that support students’ ability to write math digitally.  Texthelp has introduced a Chrome extension that provides a tool for this.

EquatIO can be downloaded from the Chrome webstore.

All features are free for 30 days, with some premium features extended with purchase of a license.  Find licensing information at this link to pricing.
Features include:

  • Google Docs Integration
  • Speech Input
  • Handwriting recognition (2 per day with free version)
  • LaTex (math notation/forumlas)
  • Math to Speech (text to speech)
  • Resizing Images
  • Math and Chemistry “Prediction” (Premium feature)
  • Google Forms Integration (Premium feature)
I encourage you to try EquatIO if you have students who would benefit from writing math digitally, and/or is using Google Docs as a platform for work completion.  
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