More Livescribe Smartpen Features!

Sound Stickers: small adhesive stickers that you can place on anything – make flashcards, talking books, record instructions, etc.  $24.95 for 1000 stickers.

Sticky Notes: quickly capture short notes, directions, feedback, reminders, etc.  Attach to anything. $12.95 per package of 6 pads.

Upload ‘Pencasts’ as Audio PDF’s – embed anywhere!  When you dock your pen, and sync your recorded pages to the Livescribe desktop, you can ‘save as’ PDF.  This retains the audio connections, for uploading to your website, wiki, blog, etc.


Pencast Player – access a digital copy of your synchronized notes and audio as pencasts from anywhere. Now notes and audio from critical meetings or lectures are portable and playable right when you need them.

Anyone can access pencasts posted on Livescribe’s online community, regardless of whether you have a smartpen or MyLivescribe account.

Print Your Own Livescribe Paper – Print your own notepads/notebooks using Livescribe Desktop with a Color LaserJet Printer that is Adobe PostScript compatible and can print at 600dpi or higher.  (Click here for instructions)

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