Newsela – News Stories Accessible to All Reading Levels

NewsELA graphicNewsela is a website and Google Chrome app that publishes daily news articles at 5 reading levels, 3rd-12 grade.  Use the non-fiction content, focused on current events/news with your students, adjusting the text by Lexile Level.  Articles can be assigned to individual students, filtered by grade level or reading standard, and quizzes are provided related to some of the articles.

One additional tip for use of Newsela – copy and paste the content (at the targeted reading level) to a Google Doc, and share with students, or with “Anyone who has the link”,  as “Comment Only”.

  • Provide your own comments within the article, as reading prompts or questions.  Students can respond with comments on the same Doc, or in a separate Doc.

Students can initiate highlights and comments to prompt class conversation and deeper thinking.

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