Switch Access for Older Students

Looking for switch accessible, or easy-to-access interactive sites for older learners with more complex needs?  Check out these:

SENICT Software’s – Choose from an array of games, activities focused on popular characters and stars, interactive classroom topics, and more.

Priory Woods – Switch Accessible Videos.  Check out the left column for more switch accessible activities.

Shiny Learning – Variety of single cause-and-effect games, with limited play for free, on ‘Flash Enabled’ browers (not Chrome).

Tarheel Reader Gameplay – videos and games can be advanced, or chosen, using a single switch.  Choose by skill, level or type of control.  You can even make your own!

Tarheel Reader Books– don’t forget about this switch accessible book site with audio support.  Lots of great nonfiction content.  You can now choose your computer’s built in audio voices when activating speech output.


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