Wikipedia – Universally Designed Features

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, is a resource many of our students use as an entry point into a topic.  Did you know that there are some accessibility features that fit into a growing array of Universal Designed tools?

> Simple English is one of the language choices in the left column of the Wikipedia window.  Articles in the Simple English Wikipedia use fewer words and easier grammar than the English Wikipedia.  Simple English is also for people with different needs. Readers may be students, children and adults who may find it hard to learn, and people who are trying to learn English. Other people use the Simple English Wikipedia because the simple language helps them understand difficult ideas or topics they do not know about.

> Spoken Articles are recordings of Wikipedia articles being read aloud.  These articles are utilized by those with a visual impairment, English language difficulties, for those primary auditory learners, and others just wanting to multi-task. While not all Wikipedia articles have been recorded, this ongoing project is creating a growing number of auditory resources.

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